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Verona, WI




Residential & Commercial Carpet Cleaning

As Clean As It Gets!

Commercial Properties

Carpet Cleaning: Steam penetrates the fibers all the way down to the primary backing, thus loosening embedded soils, removes oil and grease deposits, re-emulsifies detergent residue all of which are immediately extracted by an extremely powerful Truck-mounted vacuum system.  Great for high traffic areas such as Offices or Apartment Buildings!

Stain Protector:  Ask us about applying Scotchgard 3M to keep carpets looking better longer, saving you money in carpet replacement!

Carpet Repair:  Water Damage?  Rip or Rippling of the Carpet?  We can fix it!

Water and Sewage Damage Restoration:  We are IICRC certified.  Dehumidifier and Blower Rentals Available!

Ozone Rental:

Air Purification for Healthier Living

  • Ozone will kill or deactivate mold, mildew, fungus, bacteria virus, germs, etc.
  • Odor Control - Ozone is not a cover-up it actually destroys the odor

  • Apartment complexes can save on extensive cleaning services after tenants move out, especially if they had animals.
  • Restaurants, bar, etc. can cut down on offensive odors and give their patrons a much more enjoyable atmosphere to dine and socialize in.
  • Realtors can remove all odors from homes on the market (smelly homes are hard to sell).